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Our focus in on qualitative evaluations. We review the background of your project, interview major actors involved, analyze the context involved and give the focus you need: results, process, actors, participation, networks etc. We use the OECD criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.


We undertake exploratory studies for the design of public policies, We map actors and scenarios, design projects and propose solutions for the improvement of policies and programs. We document projects and experiences so that they can be replicated in other contexts and move forward. We produce operation manuals that will help consolidate policies, programs and activities.


We facilitate dialogue among managers, organizations and various actors in meetings for the design, monitoring and evaluation of projects and policies in events inside and outside the organization. We use methodologies adapted for each organizational culture and document the results of the dialogues promoted.


Results need to be disseminated in a clear way as a means of generating legitimacy and support. We produce project final reports, institutional newsletters, annual reports and other relevant institutional documents.


We offer courses in the area of evaluation and management of public policy. We have expertise in the area of international cooperation and decentralized international cooperation.

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